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Как се работи с парт лист? - вижте тук; / How to use a part list - article in english  
Защо се работи с парт лист? - вижте тук; / Why should you use part list - article in english

Приемаме поръчки за части само по парт номер ! / We receive orders for spare parts only by part number.
Не работим по снимка, по обяснение за местоположение и функция, или по описание за външен вид !
We avoid identifying parts by photo, by description of location or description of functionality.

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Brother   Canon   Dell   Epson   Gestetner   HP   Kobra   Konica Minolta   Kyocera   Lanier   Lexmark   Oki   Panasonic   Ricoh   Samsung   Savin   Sharp   Star   Toshiba   Xerox   Zebra  

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard - laser monochrome
SX - HP II/III    LX - HP IIp/IIIp   NX - HP 3si/4si   EX/EXII - HP 4/4+/5   PX - HP 4L/P/MP   BX - HP 4V  
AX - HP 5L/6L   VX - HP 5P/6P    WX - HP 5si/8000   1000/1005/1200   1010   1022/1022nw   1100   1150   1160/1320  
1200   1300   2100   2200   2200D   2300   2420  
4000   4100   4200   4300   4250/4350   5000   5100   5200   8000   8100   8150   9000/9050  
P1005/P1006   P1102   P1505   P1566/P1606   P2015   P2035/P2055   P3005   P3015   P4014/4015/4515  
LaserJet Pro M201/M202/M225/M226   LaserJet Pro M203/ M227  
LaserJet Pro M402/ M403/ M426/ M427   LaserJet Pro M501/Enterprise M506/MFP M527  
HP LaserJet Enterprise M806/Flow MFP M830  

Hewlett Packard - laser monochrome MFD / Multi Function Devices/
M1005 MFP   M1120   M1130/1132/1210/1212  
M1319f   M1536   M1522   M2727   M3027/3035   3015/3020/3030   3050/3052/3055   3100   3200  
3300   3310   3320   3330   3380   3390/3392   4100 MFP   4345 MFP  
LaserJet m101/m102/m103/m104/m105/m106/m129/m132/m134   LaserJet Pro M125/M126/M127/M128   LASERJET PRO 400 MFP M425  
LASERJET PRO 400 MFP M402/ M403/ M426/ M427   LASERJET PRO MFP M435  
LaserJet Enterprise MFP M630   LaserJet Enterprise MFP M725   LASERJET ENTERPRISE 700 MFP M775  
M5025/ M5035   LASERJET M9040/M9050   9055/9065 MFP  

Hewlett Packard - laser color and color MFDs
CP 1025   CP 1215/1515   CM 1410/1415   CP 2020/2025   CP 3505   CP 3525   CP 6015   CM 6030/6040 MFP  
2500   2550   1600   2600   2605   2700   Color Laserjet 2820/2840 series  
Color Laserjet 3000/3600/3800   Color Laserjet 3500/3700 series  
Color Laserjet CP 4020/4025/4520/4525   Color Laserjet 4500   Color Laserjet 4600 series
Color Laserjet 4700 series   Color Laserjet 4730 MFP   Color Laserjet 5500  
Color Laserjet CP 5220/5225   Color Laserjet 5550   8500   9500  
Color Laserjet CM 1015 MFP/1017 MFP   Color Laserjet CM 1312 MFP   Color Laserjet CM 2320 MFP  
LaserJet Pro M274/M277   LASERJET PRO 200 COLOR M251n/M251nw  
LaserJet Pro M252/M274/M277   Color LaserJet Pro M153/M154/M253/M254/MFP M178/MFP M181/MFP M278/MFP M281  
Color LaserJet Pro MFP M377 / М452/ М477   LASERJET PRO 400 COLOR MFP M476  

Hewlett Packard - deskjet / inkjet / PSC / DesignJet printers and plotters
Deskjet 450CBi   Deskjet 1120C   Deskjet 1200C   Deskjet 1220C   PSC 500   Officejet 600  
Designjet 10ps/20ps/30/50ps/110/120/130   Designjet 100   Designjet 200 - A1   Designjet 230/250/330/350   Designjet 250 - A1  
Designjet 450 - A0   Designjet 500 - A1   Designjet 500 - A0  
Designjet 650 - A1   Designjet 750C - A0   Designjet 800 - 24 inch  
Designjet 1050C   Designjet Z2100   Designjet 4000   Designjet 5000/ 5500    Business Inkjet 2600  
Officejet pro X476/576   Designjet T120/T520  
Designjet T730 / T830  

You can also search for HP OEM part number at HP Partsurfer website.

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IBM / Lexmark

IBM / Lexmark - laser monochrome
4019   4039   4049 (OPTRA Lx/R)   4059(OPTRA S)   M 410/412  
OPTRA T 420   OPTRA T 430   OPTRA T 520   OPTRA T 610/612/614/616   T 620/622   T 63x   T 640   T 650  
OPTRA W 810   OPTRA W 812   OPTRA W 820   OPTRA W 840   OPTRA W 850  
MS 310   MS 315/MS 415/ M1140   MS 410/ M1140   MS 510/MS 610/M1145/M3150   MS 710/810 М5155/М5163/М5170   MS 911  
OPTRA E   E 120/120n   E 210   E 23x / E 33x   E 24x / E 34x   E 250d   E 260   E 360   E 460  
OPTRA E310/E312   E 320/322 - E 220   E 350d/352d   E 450dn  

Lexmark - dot matrix printers
23xx series   24xx series  

Lexmark - color laser printers
OPTRA C   C 500   C 510   C 520/522/ C 530/532/534   C 524/534   C 540/543/544   C 710   C 720   C 734/736   C 750   C 752  
C 760/762   C 770/772   C 770/772/780/782   C 792   C 910   C 920   C 930/C 935/ X 940/X 945   C 950  
CS 720/ CS 725, C4150   OPTRA COLOR 1200  

Lexmark - laser monochrome multifunctional printers
X 203/204   X 215   X 264/363/364   X 340   X 422   X 463/464/466   X 500/502   X 543/544   X 548   X 560   X 642   X 644/646   X 650  
X 734/736/738   X 792   X 850/852/854   X 940/942   X 950/952/954  
MX 310/410/510/511 XM 1140/1145/7015   MX 610 / MX 611 / XM 3150  
MX 710/711/810/811/812 MFP  
MB2338/ MB2442/ MB2546/ MX321/ MX421/ MX52x/ XM1242/ XM1246MFP  

Lexmark - laser color multifunctional printers
CX 310/410/510  

Lexmark - inkjet multifunctional printers
X 63   X 125  

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Brother - laser monochrome
HL 720/730/730+   HL 820/1020/1040/1050   HL 1030/ 1240/ 1250   HL 1110/ 1112   HL 1650/1670   HL 1850/1870  
HL 2030/2040   HL 2140/2150/2170   HL 2240/2250   HL 3040CN/3070CW   HL 7050/7050N  
HL 5030/5040/5050/5070 series   HL 5130/5140/5150D/5170DN series   HL 5240/5250/5270/5280   HL 5340D/ 5350DN/ 5370DW/ 5380DN  
HL 5440D/5450DN/5470DW/6180DW   HL 6050 series   HL 8050 series  
HL- L2300D/ L2305W/ L2315DW/ L2320D/ L2340DW/ L2360DN/W / L2365DW/ 2260D/ 2560DN/ L2321D/ L2360DN/ L2361DN/ L2366DW  
HL-L2380DW    HL- L2390DW/L2395DW   

Brother - multifunctional devices
MFC 580   DCP-1610W/1612W/1615NW/1616NW/1617NW/1618W/1622W/MFC-1910W/1911W/1912W/1915W/1916NW/1919NW  
DCP-L2510D /L2512D /DCP- L2530DW /L2532DW /L2535DW /L2537DW DCP- L2550DN /L2550DW/ L2551DN/L2552DN B7520DW /B7535DW   
MFC 3220   MFC-J3720/J6520DW/J6720DW/J6920DW    DCP 7055/7057/7060/7065/7070 MFC 7360/7460/7860  
DCP-7080/ 7080D/ 7180DN/ DCP-L2500D/ L2520D/ L2520DW/ L2540/ L2560/ HL-L2380DW/ MFC-7380/ 7480D/ 7880DN/ MFC-L2680W/ L2700DN/ L2700DW/ MFC-L2701DW/ L2703DW/ L2705DW/ MFC-L2720DW/ L2740DW   
MFC 7320/7340/7345/7440/7450/7840/ DCP 7030/7040  
MFC 7420/7820/DCP-7010/7025  
MFC- B7715DW /L2710DN/ L2710DW / L2712DN / L2712DW/ L2713DW/ L2715DW /L2716DW / L2730DW/ L2732DW/ L2750DW /L2750DWXL / L2751DW   
MFC 8370/8380/DCP-8070D   MFC 8420/8820  
DCP 8040/8045/ MFC 8440/8840   MFC 8070/9030/9070  
DCP-L8400CDN/L8450CDW/MFC-L8600CDW/L8650CDW/MFC-L8850CDW/L9550CDW   MFC 8460  
DCP 8110/8112/8150/8152/8155/8155/8250/MFC 8510/8512/8515/8520/8710/8712/8810/8910/8912/8950/8952  
MFC 9160/9180   MFC 9420   MFC-9840CDW/DCP-9045CDN  
DCP-L5500D/ L5500DN/ L5502DN/ L5600DN/ DCP-L5602DN/ L5650DN/ L5652DN/ L6600DW/ MFC-8530DN/ 8535DN/ 8540DN/ MFC-L5700DN/W / L5702DW/ L5750DW MFC-L5755DW/ L5800DW/ L5802DW/ L5850DW/ MFC-L5900DW/ L5902DW/ L6700DW/ L6702DW/ MFC-L6750DW/ L6800DW/ L6900DW/ L6900DW(X/G)/ MFC-L6902DW/ L6950DW/ L6970DW  
MFC 9760/9860/9880  

Brother - laser color
HL 4040/4050/4070   HL-4140CN/4150CDN/4570CDW/4570CDWT  

Brother - inkjet devices
MFC-6490CW / 6890CDW / DCP-6690CW   MFC J6510DW / J6710DW / J6910dw  

Brother - scanners
ADS-2500W / ADS-2600W  

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Epson - Laser monochrome
EPL 5500   EPL 5600   EPL 5700   EPL 5800   EPL 5800L   EPL 5900   EPL 5900L  
EPL 6100   EPL 6100L   EPL 6200   EPL 6200L   EPL 9000  
N 2050   N 2700   N 2750  
EPL-N3000/AcuLaser M4000N   M2000   M2010   M4000  

Epson - Color laser printers
Aculaser C900   Aculaser C1000   Aculaser C1100   Aculaser C1900   Aculaser C2000  
Aculaser C2600   Aculaser C2800   Aculaser C3000   Aculaser C3800  
Aculaser C4000   Aculaser C4100   Aculaser C4200   C 8600  

Epson - Color multifunctional laser printers
Aculaser CX 11  

Epson - Matrix printers
Epson LX 300   Epson LX 300+   Epson LX 350 diagrams and partslist   Epson LQ 300   Epson LQ 300+  
Epson LQ 570   Epson LQ 670   Epson LQ 870   Epson LX 880+   Epson FX 890  
Epson LQ 1070+   Epson FX 1170   Epson LQ 1170   Epson LX 1170   Epson LQ 2070  
Epson LQ 2170   Epson FX 2180   Epson FX 2190  
Epson DFX 8000   Epson DFX 9000  

Epson - Inkjet printers
Epson Stylus C 40 UX   Epson Stylus C 63/64   Epson Stylus C 70   Epson Stylus C 83   Epson Stylus C 84  
Epson Stylus Color 1160   Epson Stylus Color 1520   Epson Stylus Photo 700  
Epson Stylus Photo 1200   Epson Stylus Photo 1400  
Epson Stylus Photo P50/T50/T59/T60 - diagrams and partslist   Epson Stylus Photo R220   Epson Stylus Photo R240/245/250  
Epson Stylus Photo R280/285/290 - diagrams and partlist   Epson Stylus Photo R300   Epson Stylus Photo R320  
Epson Stylus Photo R1800   Epson Stylus Photo R1900   Epson Stylus 2100   Epson Stylus Photo R2400  

Epson - Inkjet mutilunctional printers
Epson Stylus CX 3200   Epson Stylus CX 3500/3600   Epson Stylus CX 4100/4200/4250   Epson Stylus CX 4700/4800/4850  
Epson Stylus CX 5800   Epson Stylus SX 115  

Epson - Scanners
Epson Perfection V800 Photo - diagrams, parts list  

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Samsung - laser monochrome
ML 1210   ML 1510/1710   ML 1520   ML 1610   ML 1630/s   ML 1640/2240   ML 1660/1665   ML 1670   ML 1865W  
ML 1910/1915/2525/2580   ML 2010P   ML 2150  
ML 2165   ML 2250   ML 2251N   ML 2510   ML 2550   ML 2570  
ML 2571N   ML 2850D   ML 2851ND   ML 2855ND   ML 295x   ML 3050   ML 3051N/D   ML 3310/3710   ML 3471ND   ML 3561N  
ML 4050   ML 4500   ML 4550   ML 4551 NDR   ML 5510   ML 6510  
SL M2022   SL M2625  

Samsung - color laser + color multifunctional devices
CLP 300/N   CLP 310/315   CLP 320/325   CLP 350   CLP 360/365   CLP 415   SL C430   SL C460FW   CLP 500/N   CLP 510/N   CLP 550/N  
CLP 600/N   CLP 610/CLP 660   CLP 620/CLP 670   CLP 650   CLP 680  
SL C480FW   SL C1860   SL C2670   CLX 2160/N   CLX 3160/N   CLX 3170/3175 FN   CLX 3185 series  
CLX 3305FW   CLX 4195FW   CLX 6210/6240   CLX 6220/6250   CLX 6260   CLX 8385 ND   CLX 8030/8040/8230/8240 CLX 9250/9252/9350/9352 - OPTIONS   CLX 9250ND/9350ND   CLX 9251NA  

Samsung - monochrome multifunctional devices
SL M2675   SL M2875   SL M3375FD   SL M3875FW  
SCX 3200/3205/3205W   SCX 3400   SCX 3405   SCX 4100   SCX 4200   SCX 4016/4216   SCX 4300  
SCX 4500   SCX 4520   SCX 4521F   SCX 4600/4623   SCX 4655  
SCX-4705ND   SCX 4720   SCX 4725 FN   SCX 4728/ SCX 4729  
SCX 4824 FN   SCX 4828 FN   SCX 4833/483x   SCX 4920  
SCX 5115   SCX 5312F   SCX 5315F  
SCX 5330N   SCX 5530FN   SCX 5635   SCX 563x/573x   SCX 5835 / 5935   SCX 6122FN  
SCX 6220   SCX 6320F   SCX 6322DN   SCX 6345N   SCX 6545N  
SCX 6555N   SCX 8123   SCX 8240  
SL M2070F   SL M4070FR  

Samsung - faxes
SF 5100   SF 565P  

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Xerox - monochrome laser
Xerox DP P8e/ex   Xerox DP P1210   Xerox Phaser 3010/3040/3045   Xerox Phaser 3115  
Xerox Phaser 3117   Xerox Phaser 3120/3130   Xerox 3122  
Xerox Phaser 3124/3125   Xerox Phaser 3140/3155/3160   Xerox Phaser 3150  
Xerox Phaser 3020   Xerox Phaser 3250  
Xerox Phaser 3400   Xerox Phaser 3428   Xerox Phaser 3435   Xerox Phaser 3450   Xerox Phaser 3500  
Xerox Phaser 3600   Xerox Phaser 3635   Xerox Phaser 4600/4620/4622   Xerox Phaser 4400   Xerox Phaser 4500  
Xerox DocuPrint N24/N32/N40/N4025   Xerox DocuPrint N2025/2825   Xerox DocuPrint N2125   Xerox DC 212/214  
Xerox Versalink B400/B405   Xerox Versalink B600/B610/B605 MFP/B615 MFP  

Xerox - color printers and color MFDs
Xerox Phaser 790   Xerox Phaser 6000/6010 /WC 6015   Xerox Phaser 6100   Xerox Phaser 6110   Xerox Phaser 6120  
Xerox Phaser 6121 MFD   Xerox Phaser 6130   Xerox Phaser 6200   Xerox Phaser 6250  
Xerox Phaser 6300/6350   Xerox Phaser 7300   Xerox Phaser 7400   Xerox Phaser 7700  
Xerox VersaLink C400/C405 MFP   Xerox VersaLink C500/C600/C505 MFP/C605 MFP  

Xerox - monochrome multifunctional devices
Xerox WorkCentre PE 16   Xerox WorkCentre PE 114e   Xerox WorkCentre PE 120  
Xerox WorkCentre PE 220   Xerox WorkCentre 3119   Xerox WorkCentre 3025/ 3025N   Xerox WorkCentre 3045  
Xerox WC 3210/3220   Xerox WC 7228/7235/7245/7328/7335/7345   Xerox WorkCentre 3550   Xerox WC 4118/Fax FC 2218  
Xerox WorkCentre 4150   Xerox WorkCentre 4150/4250/4260  
Xerox WorkCentre 5016/5020   Xerox WorkCentre 5019/5021  
Xerox WorkCentre 5225/5230   Xerox WorkCentre 5632/5645/5655/5665/5675/5687   Xerox WorkCentre 7132  
Xerox Phaser 3100 MFP   Xerox Phaser 3200 MFP   Xerox Phaser 3320/ WC 3315/ 3325  
Xerox Phaser 3300 MFP   Xerox Phaser 3330/ WC 3335/ WC 3345    Xerox Phaser 3635 MFP  

Xerox WC Pro 412/ M 15   Xerox WorkCentre Pro 420   Xerox WorkCentre Pro 423/428   Xerox WorkCentre Pro 535  
Xerox WorkCentre Pro 545   Xerox WorkCentre Pro 555/575   Xerox WorkCentre Pro 580  
Xerox WorkCentre Pro 610   Xerox WorkCentre 5022/5024   Xerox WC5735/WC574/WC5745/WC5755/WC5765/WC5775/WC5790  
Xerox WorkCenterPro 232/238/245/255/265/275  
Xerox XE60/XE62/XE80/XE82/XE84   Xerox DC 212/214   Xerox WC 412   Xerox M 20 family  
Xerox C 118/M 118   Xerox M 123/M 128/M 133  

Xerox - copy machines
Xerox XC 23   Xerox DC 12   Xerox XC 520/540/560/580   Xerox XC 800/1000/1200   Xerox WorkCentre XD 100/102/104/105f/120f  

Xerox - facsimiles
FaxCentre 170  

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Kyocera - monochrome laser
Kyocera FS 600   Kyocera FS 720/820/920   Kyocera FS 800   Kyocera Ecosys FS 1000+  
Kyocera FS 1010   Kyocera FS 1020D   Kyocera FS 1030D  
Kyocera FS 1040/1060ND   Kyocera FS 1370/P2135DN  
Kyocera P2235DN/ P2040dw/ M2135/ M2635/ M2735/ M2040/ M2540/ M2640/ PF-1100   
Kyocera FS 1100/1300D   Kyocera FS 1120/ FS-1320/ Ecosys P2035/ Ecosys P2135   Kyocera Ecosys FS 1200/1750/3750  
Kyocera Ecosys FS 1700/3700   Kyocera FS 1800/+/1900/3800  
Kyocera FS 1920/3820/3830/N   Kyocera FS 2000D/3900DN/4000DN   Kyocera FS 2100/4100/4200/4300  
Kyocera FS 2020D/3920DN/4020DN   Kyocera FS 3600   Kyocera FS 6700  
Kyocera FS 6970   Kyocera FS 7000   Kyocera FS 9120 DN/9520 DN  

Kyocera - laser multifunctional devices
Kyocera FS 1016 MFP   Kyocera FS 1018 MFP/ KM 1815  
Kyocera FS 1020/1220/1120/1320/1025/1125/1325 MFP  
Kyocera FS 1028 MFP   Kyocera FS 1116 MFP   Kyocera FS 1118 MFP  
Kyocera FS 1128 MFP   Kyocera FS 1030/1035/1130/1135 MFP / ECOSYS M2030/2035/2530/2535dn  
Kyocera M2135/ M2635/ M2735/ M2040/ M2540/ M2640/ PF-1100/ P2235DN/ P2040dw
Kyocera KM-1505   Kyocera KM-1500   Kyocera KM-1510/1810  
Kyocera KM-1530/2030   Kyocera KM-1620/2020  
Kyocera KM-1635/2035   Kyocera KM-1650/2050   Kyocera KM-2530/3530/4030   Kyocera KM-3035/4035/5035  
Kyocera KM-2540/3040   Kyocera ECOSYS M3040dn/idn/3540dn/idn/3550idn/3560idn  
Kyocera FS-3040MFP+/ FS-3140MFP+   Kyocera KM-3050/4050/5050   Kyocera KM-3060  
Kyocera FS 3540MFP/FS 3640MFP /    Kyocera KM-4800W  
Kyocera FS 6525/6530   Kyocera FS 6330/7530  

Kyocera - color laser
Kyocera FS C1020 MFP   Kyocera FS C5016N   Kyocera FS 5800c   Kyocera FS 5900c  
Kyocera FS 8000c   Kyocera FS C8100DN   Kyocera FS C2026MFP/C2126MFP  
Kyocera FS C5020N/FS C5030N   Kyocera FS C5100/5200/5300  
Kyocera FS C5150DN/C5250DN/ECOSYS P6021cdn/P6026cdn   Kyocera FS C5350DN/ECOSYS P6030CDN  

Kyocera - TASKalfa
Kyocera TASKalfa 180/220   Kyocera TASKalfa 181/221   Kyocera TASKalfa 250ci/300ci/400ci/500ci  
Kyocera TASKalfa 300i   Kyocera TASKalfa 420i/520i   Kyocera TASKalfa 620/820  

Kyocera - options
FS-1118 - DP 100   KM-1530 - AD-61   KM-1530 - AD-62   KM-1530 - F-2205  
KM-1530 - J-1302   KM-1530 - ST-12   KM-1530 - STDF-3  
KM-2530-AD-63/KM-2530-F-2305/KM-2530-J-1402/KM-2530-MD-15/KM-2530-RA-1/KM-2530-ST-14/KM-2530-PF-70/KM-2530-PF-75 /KM-2530-DF-78/KM-2530-Fax System (C)/KM-2530-Fax System (F)/KM-2530-Print System (N)/KM-2530-Scan System (B)   

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Star LC 1511   Star LC 15  

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Panasonic - matrix printers
Panasonic KX-P 1150   Panasonic KX-P 1694  

Panasonic - laser multifunctional devices
Panasonic KX-MB 2000/KX-MB 2010/KX-MB 2025/KX-MB 2030  

Panasonic - laser faxes
Panasonic KX-FL 403   Panasonic KX-FL 502   Panasonic KX-FL 513   Panasonic KX-FLB 758  
Panasonic KX-FLB 803/813   Panasonic KX-FLB 853  
Panasonic UF 550  

Panasonic - copiers
Panasonic DP 2310/3010/2330/3030   Panasonic DP 8016P/8020E/8020P  

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Oki - matrix printers
Oki ML 182 / 183   Oki ML 192 / 193   Oki ML 280   Oki ML 292   Oki ML 320  
Oki ML 320 Flatbed   Oki ML 520/521   Oki ML 380   Oki ML 390   Oki ML 390 Flatbed   Oki ML 393  
Oki ML 393 STD    Oki ML 395   Oki ML 1120  
Oki ML 1190   Oki ML 3310   Oki ML 3320   Oki ML 3390   Oki ML 3410 - diagrams,parts list   Oki ML 4410  
Oki ML 5520   Oki ML 5521 - diagrams,parts list  
Oki ML 5590   Oki ML 5720/5721 - diagrams,parts list   Oki ML 5790/5791   

Oki - mono laser printers + mono MFDs
Oki Page 4w   Oki Page OL6EX   Oki Page OL6W   Oki Page 8c   Oki Page 8c plus   Oki Page 8p  
Oki Page OL10EX   Oki Page OL10i   Oki Page OL12i   Oki Page OL14i  
Oki Page 14ex   Oki Page OL16n   Oki Page OL20n   Oki Page OL20n - duplex  
Oki Page OL24dx   Oki OL400   Oki OL400e   Oki OL400w  
Oki B401/ B411 L6/ B431 L6/ ES4131 L6   Oki B410   B412/ B432/ B512/ ES4132/ ES5112  
Oki B430   Oki B440   Oki OL600ex  
Oki OL800   Oki OL810ex   Oki OL1200ex  
Oki B2200 / B2400   Oki B2200/2400 - diagrams,parts list   Oki B2500 MFP - diagrams,parts list  
Oki B4100   Oki B4200   Oki B4350 - diagrams,parts list  
Oki B4400 - diagrams,parts list   Oki B4520/4540 MFP Oki B4600 - diagrams,parts list     
Oki B6100   Oki B6200   Oki B6500 - diagrams,parts list  

Oki - color laser printers + color MFDs
Oki C710   Oki C810   Oki C830   Oki C3100/C3200/C3200n/C5200/C5250/C5400/C5450/C5540MFP - diagrams,parts list  
Oki C3300 / C3400 / C3450   Oki C3600  
Oki C5600/C5700/C5800/C5900 - diagrams, parts list, 2-nd tray diagrams, 2-nd tray parts list, duplex parts list  
Oki C5650/C5750/C5850/C5950 - diagrams,parts list  
Oki C7000   Oki C8600   Oki C8800   Oki C9000  
Oki C9200/9400 - diagrams,parts list   Oki C9300 / C9500   Oki C9600 / C9800   Oki C9650/C9655/C9850/ - diagrams,parts list  

Oki - FAX
Okifax 360 / 380   Okifax 610 / 660   Okifax 740   Okifax 1050 / 2350 / 2450   Okifax 2400 / 2600  
Okifax Office 44 / fax 4100   Okifax Office 84 / fax 4500   Okifax 4550  
Okifax 5200 / 5300 / 5500 / 5600   Okifax 5400   Okifax 5750 / 5950  

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Canon - copier rollers and belts guides
Complete feed component guide for CANON - KATUN   Complete belts guide for CANON - KATUN  

Canon - faxes
Canon Fax L200/240/280/290 series   Canon Fax L350/360 series   Canon Fax L380/390 series   Canon Multipass C50  

Canon - digital copiers
Canon IR 1018/1022 series   Canon IR 1020/1021/1024/1025 series   Canon IR 1133  
Canon IR 1200/1300 series   Canon IR 1435 series   Canon IR 1500/1510/1530/1570 series  
Canon IR 1600/2000/1610F/2010F    Canon IR 1730/1740/1750    Canon IR 2002/ 2202   
Canon IR 2016/2020   Canon IR 2018/2022/2025/2030  
Canon IR 2200/2800/3300   Canon IR 2270/2870/3570/4570 series  
Canon IR 2318/2320/2420 series   Canon IR 2520/2525/2530/2535/2545 series  
Canon IR 3025/3035/3045   Canon IR Advance 4500 series  
Canon IR 3225/3230/3235/3245 series   Canon IR 5000/6000 series  
Canon iR5055/5055N/5065/5065N/5075/5075N series  
Canon GP 160   Canon GP 200/210/215  

Canon - color digital copiers
Canon IR ADVANCE C2020/C2025/C2030   Canon IR ADVANCE C2110/1022/1021/MF 9340/9170/9150/9130/8450  
Canon IR C2020/2050/2055/2100/2105   Canon IR C2570/C3100/C3170  
Canon IR C3200/C3220   Canon IR C2550/2880/3080/3380/3480   Canon IR C2110/1021/1022 MF 9340/9170/9130/8450  
Canon iR C5051/ 5045/ 5035/ 5030   Canon iR C5800/5870/6800/6870  
Canon iR C5185/ 5185i/ 5180/ 5180i/ 4580/ 4580i/ 4080/ 4080i/ CLC5151/ 4040  
Canon imageCLASS D1180/1170/1150/1120/i-SENSYSMF6680dn  

Canon - analogue copiers
Canon NP 1550   Canon NP 6012   Canon NP 6112  
Canon NP 6212   Canon NP 6312   Canon NP 6317  
Canon NP 6412   Canon NP 6512   Canon NP 6612  
Canon NP 7120   Canon NP 7130   Canon NP 7161  
Canon FC 200/220/PC 400/420/430   Canon PC 760/780  
Canon PC 800/900 series   Canon PC 1210/PC 1230/PC 1270 series  

Canon copiers options
Diplex Unit-B1  
Cassette feeding module AB1/AC1   Inner-Finisher-D1-PC  

Canon Laser multifunctional /All in one/ devices
Canon MF 724/728/729  
Canon MF 3010 / 3014   Canon MF 3110   Canon MF 3220/3240   Canon MF 4120/4140/4150  
MF 4320/4330/4340/4350/4370/4380/ D480/460/450/440/420   MF 4410/4420/4430/4550/4580/ D520/550  
Canon MF 5630/5650/5730/5750   Canon MF 5930/5940/5950/5960/5980/6780/D1320/D1350/D1370/D1380  
Canon MF 6100/ 6140/ 6160/ 6180/ 5950/ 5960/ D1320/ D1350/ D1370   Canon MF 6500 series  
Canon MF 8030cn /8050cn series   Canon PC D 320/340  
Canon MF229dw/227dw/226dn/224dw/223d/222dw/221d/217w/216n/215/212w/211  

Canon Laser printers
Canon i-Sensys LBP 251dw   Canon LBP 650 Series   Canon LBP 800/810   Canon LBP 1000   Canon LBP 1120  
Canon LBP 1210   Canon LBP 1260   Canon LBP 1760   Canon LBP 2000  
Canon LBP 2410/5200   Canon LBP 2460   Canon LBP 2900/3000   Canon LBP 3010/3100   Canon LBP 3200  
Canon LBP 3250   Canon LBP 3260   Canon LBP 3300/3360  
Canon LBP 3310/3370   Canon LBP 3460  
Canon LBP 5000   Canon LBP 5100   Canon LBP 5300/5360/5400  
LBP 6654dn/ 6653dn/ 6650dn/ 6650n/ 6310dn/ 6304dn/ 6303dn/ 6300dn   
LBP 6680/ 6670dn/ 6600   Canon LBP 7120/LBP 7600/LBP 7660/LBP 7680   Canon LBP 7780Cdn  

Canon Color Laser multifunctional /All in one/ devices
Canon MF 623Cn/MF 624Cdw/MF 628Cx   Canon MF 732Cdw/MF 734Cdw/MF 735Cx  
Canon MF 8530/MF 8540/MF 8550/MF 8570/MF 8580  

Canon Color Inkjet printers
Canon PIXMA IP 4200   Canon PIXMA IP 5000   Canon PIXMA IP 5200  
Canon PIXMA IP 7100/8100/8500/8600   Canon S 4500   Canon BJC 85  

Canon - scanners
Canon imageFORMULA DR-3010C   Canon imageFORMULA DR-5010C   Canon imageFORMULA iPF720/710/700  

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Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta - rollers and belts guides
Complete feed component guide for Konica Minolta - KATUN  

Konica Minolta - laser printers
Konica Minolta Page Pro 1100 series   Konica Minolta Page Pro 1200 series   Konica Minolta Page Pro 1300w series  
Page Pro 1380/1390   Page Pro 5650   Bizhub_40p   Bizhub_4020  

Konica Minolta - color laser printers
Magicolor 1600 series   Magicolor 2200 series   Magicolor 2300 series   Magicolor 2400 series  
Magicolor 2500W   Magicolor 2530DL  
Magicolor 3100   Magicolor 3300   Magicolor 4650  
Magicolor 4690 MF   Magicolor 6100   Magicolor 7300   Konica Minolta Bizhub C 35  

Konica Minolta - monochrome copy machines and MFD
Minolta-Bizhub-130f   Minolta EP 1054/EP 1085/EP 2030  
Konica Minolta Di 151   Konica Minolta Di 152   Bizhub 160/160f/161/161f  
Bizhub 162   Bizhub 163   bizhub 164/bizhub 184   bizhub 180/bizhub 210  
Konica Minolta Bizhub 190f - PART 1PART 2   bizhub 195/215/235/7719/7721/7723   bizhub 200/250/350  
bizhub 222/282/362/7728   bizhub 600/750  
bizhub 920/Pro 920   Di 1611   Di 1811/Di 2011   Konica Minolta Di 2510  
Di 450   Bizhub Di 1610/7416   Bizhub Di 1610p/7416p  
bizhub 223/283/363/423/7828   Bizhub 43   Bizhub 42 / 36   Bizhub 25e  

Konica Minolta - color copy machines and MFD
Konica Minolta Bizhub C 203/253/353  
Konica Minolta Bizhub C 220/280/360   Konica Minolta Bizhub C 250   Konica Minolta Bizhub C 252  
Konica Minolta Bizhub C 300 / 352  
Konica Minolta Bizhub C 350   Konica Minolta Bizhub C 351/450  
Konica Minolta Bizhub C224/C284/C364  
Konica Minolta Bizhub C 451   Konica Minolta Bizhub C 452   Konica Minolta Magicolor 4695MF  

Konica Minolta - options

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Toshiba DP 1600/2000/2500 (e-studio 16/20/25/160/200/250)  
Toshiba e-studio 120/150   Toshiba e-studio 163/203   Toshiba e-studio 165/205  
Toshiba e-studio 210/310   Toshiba e-studio 202L/ 232/ 282   Toshiba e-studio 230/ 280   Toshiba e-studio 350/450   Toshiba e-studio 550/650/810   Toshiba e-studio 555/655/755/855  
Toshiba 1360/1370   Toshiba 1550/1560  
Toshiba various models - KATUN Product list  

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DELL - laser printers
Dell 1600n   Dell 1710n   Dell 1815DN   Dell 2330DN/3330DN  
Dell 2355dn/2335dn   Dell 3333dn/3335dn   Dell 5210n/5310n  
Dell 5330dn   Dell 5535dn  

DELL - Color laser printers
Dell 2130cn   Dell 2150cn   Dell 3115cn   Dell 3130cn  

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Ricoh M50   Ricoh M60  
Aficio 200   Aficio 220/270   Aficio 350/450   Aficio 350e/450e   Aficio 550/650  
Aficio 551/700   Aficio 850/1050/1085/1105   Aficio 1013  
Aficio 1015/1018   Aficio 1022/1027  
Aficio 1035/1045   Aficio 1060/1075   Aficio 1085   Aficio 1515/2013   Aficio 2015/2018   Aficio 2015/2018/2018d/2016/2020/2020D  
Aficio 2022/2027   Aficio 2035/2045  
Aficio 2051/60/75   Aficio 2090/2105   Aficio 3025   Aficio 3035/3045   Aficio 3224C/3232C   Aficio 3260/5560   Aficio 3228C/ 3235C/ 3245C  
Aficio MP 161/161F/161SPF/   Aficio MP 1500/MP 1600/MP 2000   Ricoh MP2014   Aficio MP 2550/2851/3350/3351  
Aficio MP C2030/2050/2530/2550  
Aficio MP C300/C400, Gestetner MP C300/C400, Lanier LD130/LD140, Savin C230/C240  
Aficio SPC830/831  
Aficio G188/G189  
Model AT-C1a/C1b (B230/B237), Internal Shift Tray SH3000 (B791), Finisher SR3010 (B792), Booklet Finisher SR3000 (B793), Punch Kit PU3000 (B807), SR790 (B408), Fax Option Type C3000, G3 Interface unit Type C3000, (B786/B787)  

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DSM725/DSM730   DSm416   3222/3227   3235s/3235/3245   3265/3255  
3355/3370/5502   3285/32105/8502/10502   1502/1802   2212/2712  
6002/7502   DSm615/DSm618/DSm618d   DSm622/DSm627  

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LD225/LD230   LD016   5222/5227   LD055   5622AG/5627AG  
LD075/LD060   DL115/DL118/DL118d   LD122/LD127  

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8025/8030   816   9922DP/9927DP   9935D/9935DP/9945P   9965DP/9955DP  
2055DP/2070DP/2555   2085DP/2105DP/2585/25105   2515/2518   2522/2527  
2560/2575   4015/4018/4018d   4022/4027  

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Sharp AL 800/840   Sharp AL 1000   Sharp AL 1035   Sharp AL 1217  
Sharp AR 122/151   Sharp AR 155   Sharp AR 160/161  
Sharp AR 200   Sharp AR 205   Sharp AR 161/162/165/206/207  
Sharp AR 235/275   Sharp AR 280/285/335  
Sharp AR 287/337/407/507   Sharp AR 5012   Sharp AR 5015N/5120   Sharp AR 5316/5320  
Sharp AR 5415   Sharp AR 5618/5620/5623   Sharp AR 5420/AR 203E  
Sharp AR 6020/ 6023/ 6031/ 6120/ 6131  
Sharp AR-M150/155/155X   Sharp AR-M160/205/ AR 5220   Sharp AR-M236/237/276/277   Sharp AR-M300  
Sharp AR-M351/355/451/455   Sharp AR-M351n/451n  

Sharp - options
Sharp AR-D13/D14/MU1/DC1   Sharp AR-D34/35   Sharp AR-RP10  

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Zebra GK420d/GK420t/GX420d/GX420t/GX430t    Zebra LP2844  

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Kobra - shreders

Kobra 310TS AF C2/C4/HS/HS-6   

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