Dear Partners, Colleagues, and all of you who has landed to this page for any reason,

We all are in a great hurry in our everyday life, in our work, occupied with personal concerns and little problems. However, the difficult time we live in makes us, to some degree, selfish - i mean we are missing important things that we are able to improve. Every day we see poor people, homeless children, unhappy, hungry and sick people, disabled people struggling to survive in one way or another. What about children with disabilities? Or children deprived of parental care. If we If we wait for the government to feed the homeless children, dress them up, wash them, shelter them, love them as their own children, it will not happen.

And we all live in this environment and we can not be happy against such extreme miserable views.

We believe it is in our own power and ability to improve the environment in which we live. Everyone with whatever he can. Just a way of thinking.

If each of us is more humane, better and more compassionate, even more cultured, we will live in a better Bulgaria.

And our children too.

And the children of our children too ...


Let's be better.