Doctor bar sealing putty for toner cartridges

Added on 29.01.2021
Manufacturer: Static Control (SCC)


Detailed Descriptions

Уплътняваща и залепваща смес с широко приложение за редица модели касети.
Предотвратява течове на тонер около доктор бар-а на различни модели тонер касети.
Lexmark 4019/39/49/59 Doctor Bar Sealing Putty - Static Control Components;
Подходяща за фиксиране на чипове и компоненти, зауплътняване на части икомпоенти на касетата.
The ends of the doctor bar in Lexmark® style cartridges must be sealed to prevent leakage and associated print defects. Doctor bar sealing putty maintains a seal throughout the life of the cartridge and allows the doctor bar to move as it should during the printing process. Doctor bar sealing putty will not dry out or crack and lose its seal.

Replacing the doctor bar with Static Control's Odyssey® doctor bar and sealing the ends with doctor bar sealing putty allows remanufacturers to extend the life of profitable Lexmark® cartridges and increase the usability of incoming empty cores. Extensive research, development and testing have gone into the creation of Odyssey® doctor bars. When used as part of our system of products for Lexmark® applications, you can expect consistent high-quality performance.
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Manufacturer Static Control (SCC)
Primary item IBM 4019
Gross weight (grams) 500
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