Lexmark Laser Printer Error Codes

Lexmark is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing solutions including laser and inkjet printers, associated supplies and services for offices and homes in more than 150 countries. Lexmark began as a division of IBM but became Lexmark International in 1991.

Listed below are the common error codes associated with Lexmark's Laser Printers.

Lexmark Laser printer Error Messages

10 Cover Open
This means that the printer is open or no EP cartridge.

20 Paper Jam
There was a paper jam in the input area

21 Paper Jam
There was a paper jam in the area under the toner cartridge.

21 Paper Out
Paper out or feed failed

22 Paper Jam
There was a paper jam in the fuser or exit sensor section of the printer.

23 Short Paper
Replace paper with proper size.

23 Paper Jam
This is a duplex jam,check for paper jammed in duplexer.

24 Feed Failure
The user attempted to feed through the manual feed port while the printer was feeding from an installed paper or envelope source.

24 Short Paper
Replace paper with that of proper length.

26 Wrong Paper Size
There is a paper jam caused by using the wrong paper size.

27 Change Paper
Automatic paper sensing has determined that the paper installed isn't the size requested.

28 Load Paper
Either there is no paper or there is a feed failure at the pickup.

29 Output Bin Full
Remove the paper from the output bin, if that doesn't work power off the printer.

30 Top Cover Open
Either you have a cover that is not quite shut or a cartridge is not properly seated or missing.

31 Change Paper
The wrong size paper is being installed.

32 Wrong Print Cartridge Installed
The installed print cartridge is not supported by the printer.

36 Load Paper
The sensor has indicated that either the tray is empty or there's a feed failure.

37 Insufficient Collation Memory
There is not enough memory in the printer to print the job.

38 Memory Full
More memory may be required.

39 Complex Page
The page is too complex to print.

40 Default Storage Error
There has been a printer function error.

41 Requested Font Missing
The user has requested a font that is not in memory.

43 Font Card Not Supported
The installed font card is not supported by the printer.

51 Defective Flash
An error has occurred in a flash simm.

55 Font Error

89 Output Tray Full900 System Board Failure 910 Font Card Failure 920 Fuser not up to temperature 921 Fuser not up to Temperature922 Fuser not up to Temperature923 Fuser Over Temperature 930 Mirror Motor 931 Mirror Motor speed detect error932 Mirror Motor speed detect error940 Laser Beam detect failure 941 Laser beam detect failure950 System Board Failure 960 Memory Error970 Fan not turning980 System Board Failure990 System Board Failure