Free shipment for Bulgaria on toner/ inkjet cartridges

1. If you are from the Bulgarian country, ARBIKAS offers refilling and recycling of your toner cartridges, paying all transport costs in both directions - from you to our office in Sofia and back from Sofia to your address.

The only term is you should send 4 or more toner cartridges (in case of ink cartridges - 6 or more) for refilling / recycling.

If you send 2 - 3 toner cartridges (in case of ink cartridges 3 - 5), ARBIKAS can offer you free shipment in one direction, so you should pay for the other direction.

Time for the whole service – 2 working days after you send your cartridges (courier shipment to us takes 1 day, we refill/ recycle same day we receive, then courier ships back to you another 1 day - total 2 days).

Preferred courier: Speedy; you should note courier that receiver will be charged for this shipment. Please call us before sending any cartridges to comment all the details in advance.

This service is valid for all clients from all over Bulgaria.

If you are a customer with additional discounts on refilling/ recycling, the service with free shipment is negotiable depending on number of cartridges sent.

2. If you are from Sofia, ARBIKAS offers free shipment in Sofia, no matter of the number of toner cartridges. In case of ink cartridges ARBIKAS offers you free shipment in Sofia for 2 and more ink cartridges for refilling/ recycling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other details needed:

phones.: 02/ 870.16.08, 971.21.61; 873.11.79, 958.92.61; 958.93.61;
Mobile: 0896 800 622; 0896 800 620;


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